Animated Product Pipeline PowerPoint Template

It is believed that every product at some point in time has to decline and fade away. The product lifecycle has five stages which define the product’s life as introduction, growth, maturity, saturation and decline. This is why companies have products in the pipeline. These are products in development or intermediate stage, even at different stages of the product lifecycle.

Reveal your Product Pipeline to an Audience

The Animated Product Puzzle Piece Pipeline PowerPoint Template gives slides for presenting a product pipeline in the form of a presentation. You can use the sample slides for making a detailed product pipeline with the visual aid of animated slides.

Product puzzle piece pipeline template for PowerPoint

The sample slides show a product pipeline animation with a sequence of slides which show people working on a product, the product going through the production process via conveyor belt and eventually being completed. This animated illustration can be used by editing the sample slides and adding your own sequence for your product(s).

Product pipeline PowerPoint template

Animated Slides with Ferris Wheel Effect

The slides switch with the Ferris Wheel transition, revealing the next slide in the depicted process. The template uses puzzle piece like slide designs with a sequence showing a product working through the development stage to completion. Regardless of what stage your product or products may be, you can use this template for depicting your pipeline using illustrations, text and animations.

Animated product pipeline illustration

Diagram, Chart & General-Purpose Slides

There are a number of slides which can be easily used for making diagrams and to reveal different bits of information tied to your product(s) in the pipeline. The puzzle pieces act in a symbolic way, illustrating the process involved in developing a product. You can also make use of the editable clipart within slides, which includes illustrations of people, cogs, puzzle pieces and the like.

Assembly line animation

There are a number of creatively crafted slides which can be used for adding text in a visually pleasing manner to make text-heavy slides more appropriate. The text based slide layouts can be used for not only adding mere text but also for making checklists, comparison slides, picture slides, etc.

Product explanation slide

This product pipeline PowerPoint template can be downloaded for PC and Mac, in both standard and widescreen format.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Product Puzzle Piece Pipeline PowerPoint (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Product Puzzle Piece Pipeline PowerPoint (Widescreen)

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