Public Speaking

Tickle Your Audience’s Funny Bone With A Humorous Wedding Speech

Weddings are most definitely a joyous occasion for everyone, unless you are the one paying for everything because that would definitely not be joyous for you. But for everyone else it is a time to just enjoy and gear up for a new and completely different life than either party was ever used to.

The How To Of Winning A Debate Contest

If a question is raised here as to what actually defines a debate, then majority of people will end up projecting it as a verbal argument where one is supposed to counteract the opinion of other, so as to win over the contest. But, to your mere dismay, its answer is just the opposite.

Presentation Tips For Corporate Honchos

In his latest interview with a business Magazine, a top level marketer raised many eyebrows with his remark that business is all about selling. And, it could be anything- a product or even an idea. But, that is true indeed because after all, selling services to generate sales is what every business owner aims at.

How Not To Sweat Out On Stage

The introductory speech has been given and your name has been called out on stage. But, suddenly your stomach feels queasy with jitters. And, your confidence level goes down beyond your reach to an extent that you just want to run away from stage. This is what actually stage fright is, which happens to most …

Effective Means To Gather Feedback On Presentations

It takes a great deal of self confidence to be able to deliver a presentation before huge crowds; hence once it is done you do feel a sense of relief. But wait, just giving the presentation isn’t enough; to fully serve the purpose, you must not skip the part where you gather feedback!

Shun Those Filler Words To Deal With Presentation Vagueness

When speaking publicly, we often tend to fill in the gap or pause during the course of presentation with something or almost anything. But, somewhere down the line we are forgetting that using those filler words or irrelevant sounds, might be entirely killing our presentations.

How To Join A Toastmasters Club To Improve Communication And Public Speaking Skills?

Public speaking and communication skills are for some people a difficult obstacle to cross. Many of us are likely to face the dilemma of not having enough confidence to present an opinion or idea. Some overcome this fear early in school days while others can end up being ‘too shy’ for a good part of …

3 Tips For Maintaining Composure During A Speech

You may not believe this, but even a presidential candidate gets nervous when speaking publicly. This is not because he is unprepared for the moment, but because it is a natural phenomenon to witness nerves when addressing a gathering. However, this nervousness is not as drastic as are its after effects; either you end up …