Public Speaking

Learn the best tips for Public Speaking and finding the most remarkable quotes & speeches for your presentations.

What is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is the process of performing a speech to a live audience.

It is commonly understood as a formal speaking of a single person (the speaker) to a group of listeners. The public speaker can be supported by a presentation with a slide deck, but not as a mandatory requirement, as many keynote speakers do not support their speech with slides.

To wow and persuade the audience during a public speaking presentation, presenters use a variety of techniques and methods, including body language, public speaking persuasion tips, etc.

Below you can find useful articles on public speaking to engage your audience and improve your public speaking skills.


1-6-6 Rule for Presentations

As public speakers, presenters, and presentation designers, we’re always looking for strategies to make our content more impactful. One such approach is the “1-6-6 Rule” – a simple yet effective guideline for PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, and other digital presentation platforms. The 1-6-6 Rule Explained The 1-6-6 Rule offers a straightforward prescription for organizing your …

7×7 Rule for Presentations

Striving for perfection while crafting a presentation can often leave us caught in a catch-22 situation. Too little information might not serve the purpose of your discourse, leaving your audience craving for more. Conversely, inundating your audience with a tidal wave of words could induce exhaustion, causing important details to slip through the cracks. This …

The Art of Eloquence: The Importance of Oral Presentations

In today’s fast-paced world, filled with digital communication, social media, and quick exchanges, the importance of oral presentations cannot be overstated. As presenters and public speaking experts, you all know the power of a captivating speech or an engaging story. But it’s time we bring that knowledge to the forefront, celebrating and emphasizing the significance …