How To Prepare Your Speech Like TED Talks

Ted talks have been and will continue to be one of the most inspiring speeches that people have heard in a long time. We have all done our bits to make sure that our audience goes through an experience that transports them into a state of trance. But how many of us have actually been able to accomplish that? Not many I say, so here are some secrets that will let you in on how you can draft your speech like a pro.

How To Prepare Your Speech Like TED Talks

Share Your Passion

Every TED speech that there possibly is (and many) has a speaker who gets on that stage and makes the people feel exactly what and how much he is passionate about something. You will never inspire your audience if you do not dig deep and find out a real connection with yourself and the topic. Don’t be afraid to display your enthusiasm to the audience.

Tell at least 3 Stories

If you want to do it as they do it in TED, then there is no way that you will be able to get away with only a fact-filled informational talk with no personal stories at all. So instead, lean the audience in by talking about your challenges and how you overcame them. See, it makes a difference.

Create a Title that Fits in a Twitter Post

A study shows that almost all TED talk titles are not more than a 140 characters. Keeping it short will help you get a more precise idea of what you are talking about and TED talks are all about precision, plus they make a great tweet. If you can’t keep it to 140, keep trying.

Use Humor, Sparingly

Use anecdotal humor, humor that will bring a smile to people’s faces and not make a “joke” out of it! If you aren’t the best at making witty comments that aren’t layered with sarcasm it is best advised that you avoid using any kind of humor at all.

Use More Pictures than Text in Your Presentation

There is hardly any text involved in a TED Talk presentations; if there is text it is certainly very carefully chosen. The presentations are full of images, animations and videos. You can use whatever format you want, but there is a common theme to it: NO bullet points.

Don’t Put on an Act

People can often spot a phony person and is putting up an act and immediately lose trust in that person. Be authentic and true to who you are.

You may never be invited to a TED talk, but if you learn how to give a TED-like presentation, you have a far greater chance of inspiring your audience and achieving your dreams.

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