Win Your Audience With Relevant But Crafty Content

We all know that giving a speech can be quite a tricky task, no matter how well spoken or well written a speech is, it is incomplete without that edge that catches the audience attention. The main problem behind not being able to perfect a speech is that even the best of orators forget that a presentation is a mixture of entertainment and information.

creating crafty content for presentations

Your audience has no doubt come to listen to you talk about a particular topic at hand and unless it is some new medical breakthrough no one wants a dull monotonous speech that has no fun at all. The famous saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” comes to mind. If you as the speaker fail to create the right balance of crafty content, then you may as well have not spoken, because no one was listening.

It is a given fact that the audience will not listen to you after a while if the tone of your voice doesn’t match up to the killer content that you wrote last night. The need to establish your tone and modulate it well along with the right content is what is going to make people want to listen to you talk. Therefore, make sure you have a clear well modulated tone.

Never make the mistake of falling back on those decade old clichés to make your content sound better; it is a big turn off for the audience to be listening to the same old cheeky and over used phrases. If you want your content to be catchy and interesting replace the same old with some new unique words that sound fresh and exciting.

Using presentations to explain your content can be quite an idea, there are ways that you include media into your content by including pictures, slides and videos that are relevant to the topic and also help the people to refresh by adding a small break in the continuity of the speech. Include more visuals and less text in your slides. Making content media rich is a good way to make it crafty!

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