Tips To Present Like Famous Presenters

The greatest presenters in the world in recent history have been coming in from the famous technology sector like Steve Jobs, Scott Harrison and the legendary Gary Vaynerchuck. They have all made speeches that have not only been impactful but have taken the power of presentations to the next level by moving people emotionally to tears.

tips to present like famous presenters

They have all had certain things in common that have led them to heights that are beyond comprehension, and that is what a presenter should be like. Although there are some traits that come naturally to some individuals, acquired traits too can take a person from being a good presenter to a great presenter. Here are a few tips to present like famous presenters.

Start With Paper Not PowerPoint

Although you do need to eventually make the PowerPoint  slides the first thing to do is make your speech with pen and paper, if you don’t write it you will never feel it which means that it isn’t going to be great, it may be good though. Write your ideas and brainstorm! That’s what should get you going.

Tell Your Story in Acts

Tell the audience who you are; what you or your organization does; how is your idea/organization better than the others; and finally why someone should invest in your idea. Structure your entire speech on three acts: “why should they care?” “How will your idea make my life better?” “What action do I need to take?”

Emotions Grab Attention

If you are a dry businessman making a sales pitch there is no chance that you will be able to rope in the interest of your investors. In order to be able to sell you need to underline your entire pitch with a theme that has emotion. Try including a few anecdotes here and there from your own life experiences.

Rehearse Like Crazy

Please make sure you have the speech at the back of your hand mastered like no other ever has! It is only going to look spontaneous if you know what you are talking about. Going unprepared for a speech is the worst thing that people can do.

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