Persuasive Speech 101 For Entrepreneurs

It is well known to every individual that persuasion skills are utmost important for every entrepreneur. Whether you are in a conversation with your investors, potential clients, team, public or are in any random conference, you are essentially required to be knowledgeable about the basics of persuasion, if you want your targeted audience to follow your thoughts and ideas.

persuasive speech 101 for entrepreneurs

Here are four extremely important things for delivering a persuasive speech for entrepreneurs:

Get To Know Your Audience

It is one of the foremost things that you must be aware of prior writing any speech. You need to recognize your audience’s attitude towards your ideas for a persuasive speech. You may encounter several kinds of audience like:

Agreeable: The spectators that may agree with your ideas in the speech.

Hostile: The audience that does not agree with your presentation and you should work more on the argumentation and must display more proof for what you are saying.

Uninformed: The ones who are completely unaware of what you are going to speak, you must enlighten them and persuade about its necessity.

Apathetic: This is the kind of audience that does not care about your thoughts and ideas. In such cases, you need to tell them its significance and how it affects them directly. So, you need to research more in such cases and make your spectators more knowledgeable about your ideas and clear their doubts and fears.

Use Your Brain Effectively

This is the key to persuade your audience and both emotion and logic must be used appropriately to influence people.

Emotions: Displaying only facts in your speech feels boring to the audience. Molding it into a story type makes it easy to memorize and comes out to be much more entertaining too. Emotions lay great impact on your listeners.

Logic: Your thoughts attain credibility by using actual facts. Though people may argue but fact remains a fact. There are various expert studies, evidences, quotes and statistics that you can use and attract your targeted audience.

Systematize Your Message

You must be clear in your mind about the idea you are going to share with your audience. Your message must be completely organized by using following structures:

  • Problem/solution
  • Statement related to your proposition/proof
  • Comparative advantage of various solutions
  • The need/solution/result visualization

Practice Prior Delivery of Speech

You need to practice once your speech is ready with a structured message with both emotions and logic and an effectual construction. You won’t be able to persuade your audience if you appear to be timid, hesitant or weak during your presentation. Remember, never speak too fast as it is a sign of nervousness.

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