What Not To Do While Writing A Persuasive Speech

As a public speaker an individual must follow certain unspoken norms if he truly desires to deliver a persuasive speech. You will often be told about the qualities that you must embrace and add to your personality with time but most probably not many people will guide you on what not to do to make a speech thoroughly effective! So let us throw some light on this sphere.

what not to do while writing a persuasive speech

So let’s get straight to the point. Here is a list of things that you must assure you do not do to successfully write a persuasive speech:

Avoid Using Big Words & Complex Sentence Structures

Yes, you are a speaker and your confident sense of speech delivery will convey that to the audience. It is therefore not required to use such words or sentences that will not be easily understood by the audience. Remember, words are a speaker’s greatest strength, so choose them very carefully!

Do Not Use a Style that Does Not Come Naturally to You

Every speaker has his own style. You must make sure you hold onto this style while writing a speech and not try to write it in a way that may seem appropriate but will not come naturally to you while you deliver it front of an audience. If you do so, there is a great chance that you will be relying way too much on the cue cards or the slides (in case you are using a PowerPoint Presentation as a visual aid) while will debar you from your natural flow.

Don’t Over Generalize!

Be specific about the information that you offer. Generalizing your speech will make it less persuasive and there is a great possibility that it will come across as a preaching to many, which usually is not what your audience will want to hear. So beware, do not generalize!

Refrain from Using Any Type of Slang

Yes, keeping the language as basic as possible is the golden rule. But using any type of slang is something you should avoid in any type of speech as it reflects badly on your professionalism. A better way to connect to the audience than resorting to using some slang is to create some rhetorical questions, but remember, you must know your material well to answer correctly!

Now you know the possible what not to do while writing a speech. Follow these rules and by all means you will be successful at writing a better, more persuasive speech for the next big event!

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