What Not To Do While Giving A Presentation

While giving a presentation there are a lot of things that one needs to take into account in order to give a presentation that is not only successful but also immensely popular amongst the people. A presentation given the right way makes sure that you either persuade the audience for an opinion change or strengthen an already existing opinion.

what not to do when giving a presentation

A lot of us like to concentrate on the things that we should do to make our presentation smashing, but what we do forget to is leave out a few important things that can make a presentation look so bad you wouldn’t want to be a part of it yourself.

You Don’t Know Your Topic!

So you have learned your content, (which is totally showing by the way) but the topic that you are talking about is something you cannot remember! It is one of the most common and the most irritating thing a speaker does! Your audience can tell and nothing will put off the audience like the speaker forgetting his topic.

The Slides are Not Your Presentation!

So you start your speech, by looking at the screen and reading it out! That is not what the audience is here for, they can read! They want you to talk about what you have to say about a particular topic and not read out what you have written down in slides!

Too Much Information

More often than not, the speaker makes the mistake of conveniently stuffing his speech up with information that may not be necessary. You have to be very cautious about the content that your presentation carries; it should be catering to your audience in a very simple way!

Poor Font Choices

Reading on paper is different from reading on screen; while a certain font may look nice to the eyes it may not be legible and readable. These are the two things that one should keep in mind before making his presentation templates. If you are using the right fonts along with the right font size you will have nothing to worry about.

Hardware Malfunction

Although this is something that may not be the surest when it comes to keeping the hardware 100% secure, one should take the necessary steps to ensure that everything is in working condition by doing a few try runs well in time before the presentation starts to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly!

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