The Art Of Writing A Time Bound Speech

A great speech is well written, well delivered and finishes well in time. Most of the speakers keep in mind the first two characteristics but let go of the third one, converting a great speech to ramblings and monotonous noises for the audience. The art of delivering a speech is not just about speaking in front of an audience it is more about knowing when to stop.

Gauging the situation and understanding the crowd behavior makes this a bit more complex than just mugging a speech and delivering it with a touch of flamboyance in front of an audience.

delivering a time bound speech

Writing a speech bound by a certain time just to deliver it can give even the most prolific writers and public speakers cold feet. As soon as an element of time comes in play, expression for most of the individuals takes the back seat while finishing the speech in time takes the wheel. This is where most of us go wrong and lose a perfectly good opportunity to give a mesmerizing speech.

A time bound speech is nothing more than a speech that is written and delivered almost every day. Just with an added element of time to it. The best way to deliver a time bound speech is to follow these simple tips.

Don’t let it get to you

Always make sure you are confident at all times and prepare for the speech in a similar fashion as you have done for all your past speeches. The moment you lose your cool, things would fall apart and this is not what you would want. So prepare and be confident.

Practice against the clock

Writing a speech is more of an art rather than being anything else; with practice you would be able to understand that how much text you can convert to speech in a given amount of time. The best way is to practice against time over and over again. Deliver the speech in the same fashion as you always do but just keep the pauses and breaks under control and time yourself for the given time limit. This would help you keep things under control when in the process of delivering a speech.

Be brief yet don’t miss out any key points

Never ever miss out on key points just to decrease the duration of the speech. By doing so you not only make the speech worthless but also waste a perfectly good opportunity.

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