Shiny Beveled Text PowerPoint Template

Presentations can be boring. After all, who wants to sit listening to someone talk and face a projector full of words and images for many hours when you’d rather be outside and doing something else? Therefore, it is a challenge for many presenters to give their audience something to be interested and captivated about each time they conduct a slideshow presentation.


Captivate Your Audience

To help you get started and create a presentation that keeps your audience glued to their seats and attentive to your presentation, you can use creative and highly compelling visuals. The Shiny Beveled Text PowerPoint Template is a beautiful example of attention-grabbing text that you can use in any presentation for work, school or personal use.

This Shiny Bevel Text PowerPoint Template is a single slide template that you can particularly use for school reports and experiments, annual financial reports, photo albums, event presentations, and sales pitches. Although it has a captivating look, it is still versatile enough to be used as a title slide, a transition slide, or just something that will emphasize your point at different phases of your presentation.


Highlight Keywords

This presentation template features a dark background with a maroon and black gradient. This sets off the text which runs across the slide, right in the middle. This text, which you can use for your titles, transitions, and keyword emphasis, has a clean, clear, and bold sans serif font style. This allows you to type single words or short phrases and make them clear and readable even to people in the audience at the far end of the room.


The text has a bevel effect that makes it appear 3D-like. This effect also allows your text to stand out to any other background, if you plan on using your own presentation theme or background. Furthermore, the reflection effect of the text makes the template appear shiny and even metallic so it is eye-catching for your audience.

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