Text Glow

Want to make presentations with glowing text and neon signs? The tips and templates in these posts can help your text glow. You can use these templates to give the neon like glowing text effect to your slides and also customize the readymade layouts to generate new types of glowing text slide designs.

Shiny Beveled Text PowerPoint Template


Presentations can be boring. After all, who wants to sit listening to someone talk and face a projector full of words and images for many hours when you’d rather be outside and doing something else? Therefore, it is a challenge for many presenters to give their audience something to be interested and captivated about each …

PowerPoint Template With Glowing Neon Text Effect

At times, you don’t need bright pictures or frivolous patterns to draw your audience’s attention. Your text–your content–will be enough. So if you want to give your presentations a more unexpected yet still eye-catching appeal, you can use text that will pop out of any background, in any room and directly communicate your message to …