Learn how to add text boxes to PowerPoint presentations or create awesome text layouts using PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

Neo Ipsum Brings New Ipsums For PowerPoint, Word & Excel

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You might be aware of Lorem Ipsum, which is standard dummy text used in printing and various software which come with some form of sample text. Lorem Ipsum is essentially the scrambled version of 1st century Latin text, De finibus bonorum et malorum, which was written by the roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero. Neo Ipsum is an …

Curved Text with Shaded Colors For PowerPoint


When you’re planning to create a PowerPoint presentation that would capture your audience while still make them easily understand your content, you have to bring out all that you have in the creativity department. This means you have to impress and wow your audience with the use of eye-catching presentation elements, from text effects, animations, …

Shiny Beveled Text PowerPoint Template


Presentations can be boring. After all, who wants to sit listening to someone talk and face a projector full of words and images for many hours when you’d rather be outside and doing something else? Therefore, it is a challenge for many presenters to give their audience something to be interested and captivated about each …

How To Use The Format Painter Tool in PowerPoint 2013

Many presentations, research papers and official documents nowadays require some sort of content that is copied from numerous sources, e.g. as a reference. It can be a nuisance to get the formatting right for copied text. An easy solution to keep all your content uniform is to use the Format Painter.

Speedometer Template with Digits for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to create a speedometer in PowerPoint then there are several ways to accomplish it. For example, you can create a simple speedometer template using shapes and then change the text inside the text shapes. Another option is to download a free odomter digit PowerPoint template from our site or check our related …

How to Add Text to a Shape in PowerPoint 2010

You can easily add text to a shape in PowerPoint 2010 by editing the shape text. Here we will show you how to edit the text inside a shape in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 so you can use this approach to add text to your PowerPoint shapes in any presentation without adding a new text box …

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