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The life of a student has its share of challenges: deadlines, assignments, pop quizzes, home works, projects, presentations, and reports. You will always wonder about how your teacher would grade you, or how each classroom participation and activity will reflect to your grades at the end of the school year or semester.  

Beautiful Butterfly Report Template

Edit The Template To Create Student Reports

To help you out with reports, you can definitely use this beautifully designed template we will tackle in this article. This Student Report Template for Word is an expertly designed template with a yellow butterfly image reflected on a clean, white background. With this   template, you can easily grab the attention of anyone reading your report, and make a good impression at the same time.

This Education Template contains five pages that begins with a title or cover page. This template contains the Document Title, which is also the title of your report or the subject you are writing the report for. This also contains the Student’s Name, Class Name and Teacher’s Name.

Comes With Preset Layout Styles and Design Themes

The next page is a Table of Contents that shows how the report is divided into chapters with corresponding page numbers. The following pages are laid out to show clear headers and sub-headers, as well as quotes or highlighted text. The template also contain a rounded edge square borders around every page and a page number footer. Aside from these features that help make your report stand out, it also contains beautiful butterfly images that make this template perfect for science-related reports. The images depict the life cycle of butterflies, as well as various butterfly species. The template ends with a bibliography page that already contains a sample so you have an idea on how to list down your report sources properly.

Make Your Reports Stand Out with Colorful Butterflies

This template may be wonderful for science reports. However, you can also use this template for many subjects such as literature, art, creative writing, economics, and even math, to name a few.

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