How To Make a Widescreen PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

In PowerPoint for Mac you can also change the default aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 to make modern widescreen presentations. Below we will see a useful tip for Mac users of PowerPoint that will help you to create widescreen presentations or convert your existing presentations to widescreen format.

Change a Presentation to Widescreen in Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac

In order to change the aspect ratio of your presentation, open PowerPoint editor and choose the Themes menu.

Now click Slide Size to open the popup menu. Then choose Widescreen (16:9) to make your presentation widescreen.

How to Change Aspect Ratio in PowerPoint for Mac (Office 2011)

Alternatively you can change your Page Setup preferences including options such as slide width, height, the slide orientation, the notes or handout orientation as well as changing the header and footer.

How To Make 16:9 Presentations in PowerPoint

Page Setup Dialog Box

The Page Setup dialog box let you choose how the slides will be seen while printing or projecting on the screen. You can use these options to change the default aspect ratio and size used for displaying the slides. There is also an option to setup the orientation for handouts, notes and outlines.

Page Setup Dialog box in PowerPoint for Mac


By clicking Options you can choose additional options for the page setup, including the settings preset, the format for printing purposes and the paper size (useful to change the paper size for printing). You can also change the default scale percentage from 100% to any desired value.



How To Make a Widescreen PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

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