How to Make Slides Vertical in PowerPoint

Last updated on November 15th, 2021

When starting a blank presentation in PowerPoint, the default slide canvas is presented with a portrait layout. But, PowerPoint is so powerful that allows to change the page orientation very easily. A vertical orientation might be suitable for a variety of business and educational presentations. It also helps for preparing certain kind of visual assets like vertical posters or visual Infographics in PowerPoint.

How to change a PowerPoint Presentation from Horizontal to Vertical Orientation?

The first step to change the slides vertical is to adjust the slide size and page orientation. Our goal here will be to change the PowerPoint presentation from landscape to portrait orientation.

Choose Custom Slide Size

Here, you can change the slides orientation from Landscape to Portrait.

Change PowerPoint Slide design to Portrait instead of Landscape

Once you confirm the change, you will be prompted to choose the strategy that PowerPoint will follow to scale down the content into the new slide size. Would you like to maximize the size of your content or scale it down to ensure it will fit on the new slide?

Choose how PowerPoint will maximize or ensure fit

At this point, you can choose to maximize the content within the slides canvas, or click Ensure Fit to ensure the current content will fit perfectly on the slide.

For the sake of this demonstration, we have chosen Ensure Fit, and you can see the final result of the vertical slide as follows.

An example of vertical slide in PowerPoint.

Once you have modified the slide size to vertical, you can finish your presentation, document or infographic.

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