Training Presentation Template For PowerPoint


Widescreen presentations are always great as they make the most of the space in every slide so you can pack your slides with relevant information without making it look crowded. This is especially great if you want to feature charts, diagrams, timelines, images, and even videos in your slides.

Parcel PowerPoint Online Template

Nowadays, audiences are more drawn to clean, modern lines and minimal layouts, which allows them to focus on the content instead of the clutter. So if you are looking for a modern yet sophisticated template that is easy on the eyes, then this next template is perfect for you.

Level Design PowerPoint Template

Everyone needs to have that go-to PowerPoint template that you can always use for all kinds of presentations. Whether you are on-the-go, rushing and running out of time, or you just need a hassle-free presentation churned out pronto, you’ll find this Level Design PowerPoint Template very useful.

Aspect PowerPoint Template With Modern Layout


If you are looking for a modern, general-purpose presentation template that you can use as your go-to each time you need to create professional-looking slides, you have come to the right place. The Aspect PowerPoint Template with Modern Layout is the perfect presentation pal for anything, from business plans, financial reports, travel planning, and even …

Thatch PowerPoint Template

Simple and Beautiful General Purpose Template

The Thatch PowerPoint Template is a professionally designed widescreen format slide template that you can use for business, school, or personal presentations. It has a thatch effect that can be seen in the thin blue strands going across the height of the slide. These blue lines show a thatch effect of long thin textures that …

Widescreen Basis PowerPoint Template

Widescreen Green and White Minimalist Template

If you are looking for a simple, clean, and modern template that is minimalistically geometric, you can use this Widescreen Basis PowerPoint Template. Simply named after its basic design that opens you to more opportunities to use it for many kinds of presentation types, whether at home, in your organization, in school, or even in …

Widescreen Dividend PowerPoint Template

Widescreen Purple Minimalist Template for PowerPoint

If you are looking for a purple and gray themed template for your PowerPoint presentation that is both professional looking and interesting, then you have come to the right place. This general purpose PowerPoint template is great for business, academic, organizational, home or personal use. 

Widescreen Animated PowerPoint Template With Rising Text Effect

Change the Formatting and Customize the Slide to Your Preference

If you want to emphasize a point, clarify an issue or discuss a main idea, then you would need a presentation that would zero in on that. You would need to create stunning PowerPoint presentations that uses up the most elements in a way that would make your point stand out and deliver your message …

Yellow Banded Widescreen Template for PowerPoint

Bright Yellow Template for PowerPoint Presentations

When creating a PowerPoint Presentation, you should keep in mind function before aesthetics. Your presentation should be easily readable to your audience even from afar. It should have enough space for the right kind of information without overcrowding the slides. At the same time, it should be visually stimulating and entertaining. Keep in mind that …

Blue And Tan Gradient Widescreen Template for PowerPoint Online

Elegant Blue and Tan Template for General Purpose Presentations

When you see the colors blue and tan together, only one thing comes to mind: the beach. The color blue represents the tranquil sea while the tan represents the warm sand. Used in a presentation, it will give a sense of peace and serenity to the audience.