Best Agenda Slide Templates For PowerPoint

When conducting a high-level meeting it is important to go in with a set agenda. This agenda can be presented before participants to build upon the discussion during a meeting to ensure that all important aspects are duly covered. Often, agendas can get lost in translation if the meeting is not conducted in a systematic manner. It is always a good idea to discuss agendas in a sequence and end the meeting with a revision of each agenda item to ensure everything was covered in detail. In this article we will review some of the best Agenda Slides with pre-defined styles to use as templates in PowerPoint presentations.

Meeting Agenda PowerPoint Templates

We have created a list of some of the best agenda slide templates for PowerPoint that you can use for discussing your meeting agendas. These PowerPoint templates can help you present your agenda slides in an organized manner, with visually appealing graphics to emphasize each point according to its relevance.

Meeting agenda slides for PowerPoint

1. Simple Agenda Slides Template for PowerPoint

This agenda PowerPoint template by SlideModel comes with a Modern design which provides sample agenda slides in various attractive layouts. The title slide is followed by sample slides for presenting 3, 4 and 5 agenda points. You can also increase the agenda points in these sample slides according to need. The last two slides come with a tiled interface which resembles the UI of the Windows 8 Start Screen. This tiled interface can help you create attractive agenda slides, with each point displayed in the form of text or an image.

You can also see more Agenda themed templates from SlideModel via their archive of Agenda PowerPoint Templates.

Simple agenda template for PowerPoint

Go to Download Simple Agenda Slides Template for PowerPoint

2. Agenda Lists Template for PowerPoint

A template by SketchBubble, this agenda PowerPoint template gives 10 sample slides for creating your agenda slides. These slides come in the form of lists, which can be filled out to create slides with your meeting agenda, summary of important points and to elaborate upon each point in detail. The template sports a grey and blue design with white text, keeping the layout simple enough to allow more text to be accommodated in each slide.

Agenda list PowerPoint template

Go to Download Agenda Lists Template for PowerPoint

3. Interactive Tabs Template for PowerPoint

One of the hassles of presenting a meeting agenda on a monitor is to switch between the different parts of the agenda from time to time. It can be annoying to go back and forth to find slides which are relevant for discussion, especially when someone points towards a point that exists in previous slides. In such a case an interactive template can be the most relevant to use.

This interactive PowerPoint template gives multiple tabs, each connected to a slide. This means that you can switch between different slides in a single click, by selecting one of the tabs from the top of the screen. Each sample slide comes with interesting layouts and sample clipart which you can easily incorporate in your agenda slides. The template contains 7 sample slides, each displaying tabs linked to all other slides. There is also an 8th slide with instructions regarding how to edit the default linking in slides.

Interactive tabs template for PowerPoint

Go to Presenter Media – Interactive Tabs Template for PowerPoint

The agenda slides listed above come with unique attributes which can help you conduct your meetings more effectively, using various types of handy layouts. You can download more agenda presentation templates from the links below.

4. Beautiful Agenda Slides for PowerPoint

Alternatively, SlideModel offers a huge catalog of templates with awesome agenda slides ready to be used in your presentations. Here is a quick preview of some of the templates you can find under the SlideModel catalog.

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