Certificate Of Award Template For Students

Making classroom activities more fun and engaging is key to getting the attention of young children and therefore to help them learn. Colorful classrooms and educational props will help stimulate their minds and foster more effective learning. Acknowledging even the smallest achievements can also give them a sense of pride and accomplishment. So if you want to award young children for their best behavior or active participation in class, you will find this next certificate template very useful.

Present This Certificate to Young Students and See Their Faces Light Up

Create Printable Certificates for Students

The Certificate of Award Template for Students is a free PowerPoint Online Template that you can use to acknowledge and further motivate young students for their behavior or academic achievements in class. This colorful and attractive template will surely make children’s faces beam as they receive this certificate while inspire other children to do good next time to get the award.

The Certificate of Award Template features an illustrated image of a young boy holding a shiny gold trophy and a young girl holding a certificate with a gold star. These happy images of children will be attractive for young students and help you inspire them to also work for their own achievements in class.

Colorful Certificate of Award Template for Young Students

The certificate template also contains spaces for you to write the name of your own school and even include your school logo and slogan. The “Certificate of Award” is written in huge, fancy font. You can change this to say “Certificate of Participation” or any other award you want to give to your students. There is also a placeholder for you to type the names of the students and describe what the award is for.

Customize the Certificate for Your Own Activities and Awards

On the bottom corner of the certificate, you can type and sign the Name and Title of the Presenter and the Date when it was presented. Because of the open layout of this template, you can also choose to add more information and other objects to the template to further customize it to your school or activity.

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