How to Add Slide Numbers to a PowerPoint Template

You can insert slide number to any PPT presentation using the simple approach that we explained in How to add page number to PowerPoint slides. However, sometimes it is extremely useful to prepare the PowerPoint presentation template and embed the slide number logic there. So, any time in the future when you want to reuse your PPT templates you don’t need to configure the page numbers again.

In order to add slide numbers to a PowerPoint template, you need to switch to your Master Slide view.

Then, choose the layout where you want to add the slide numbers, or you can choose the master layout, that is the first big thumbnail in the slides list.

How to Add Slide Numbers to a PowerPoint Template

Now, once you selected the layout go to Insert menu and click on Slide Numer.

add slide numbers

Here a new popup will appear with Header and Footer settings. You can also access this screen by clicking on the Header & Footer button.

As you can see, there are many different options to consider. First, you can add the date and time, if needed, but if you look below there is a Slide number checkbox that once clicked will allows you to add the slide number to the PPT template.

Once you finish, make sure to click on Apply to All in order to prepare the template accordingly and then save the changes.

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