gUnify: Cloud Based Google Conference Call Solution For Your CRM

gUnify is a cloud based service by Google which offers a communication system that has been specifically designed and built for Google Apps. gUnify can be seen as a more affordable alternative to Microsoft Lync, as it requires no server setup and supports integration with many famous CRM services including Zooho, Salesforce and Apptivo. As you might be aware, these CRMs are widely used by small, medium size and even large corporations, as they provide many features that assist the sales process, including everything from file sharing (e.g. PowerPoint files), online collaboration, sales logs and more.

gUnify The Cloud Based Unified Communication System for Google Apps

How Can gUnify Benefit your Business?

gUnify provides an affordable conference calling solution via Google Apps, which can significantly cut down on your telephone bills and allow you to seamlessly conduct conference calls with carrier grade voice quality. This Google conference call solution provides its users with a local number, separate access room for each user, with the option to make unlimited international calls. You can even access gUnify from your Google account via Gmail, Google Calendar and the like. Hence, gUnify is an excellent solution for integrating a phone system with your CRM. This can provide your sales and support staff the utility to log outgoing calls automatically to the CRM. This not only eliminates the hassle of making manual entries but also makes it possible for managers to keep an eye on the activities of their subordinates (e.g. by monitoring call logs).

gUnify Calling Solution

Make Unlimited Calls From Any Device

As gUnify is a web service, you can use any desktop or mobile device to use it, as all it requires is an internet browser. This also means that you don’t have to build and maintain your own servers for making calls or conducting conference calls.


Use gUnify on Any Device

gUnify Supported Countries

gUnify is a robust conference calling solution that can help anyone from IT consultants, branch managers, customer relationship officers, and even entrepreneurs to use Google Apps for scheduling conference calls or for making international calls for free across 35 different countries. The Below image shows a list of the countries that are supported by gUnify.

gUnify Supported Countries

gUnify Comparison With Microsoft Lync

In a previous post we brought you a comprehensive Review of Microsoft Lync. The below chart shows a comparison between the cost effectiveness of using Lync Vs gUnify. As is evident from the below chart, you can cost effectively use gUnify as compared to Lync. this is because it requires no server license, client access license, no  software and no maintenance. Moreover, you don’t have to buy and maintain expensive database servers like SQL.

gUnify vs Lync

gUnify requires a Google Apps account and you can either use it with the Google Apps Collaboration Suite ($5 per user/month) or the gUnify Communication Suite ($35 per user/month).

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