Track Who Opens Your Marketing Emails With Stats Using Mixmax

Many businesses send marketing emails on a regular basis. It can be hard to track what result (if any) those emails have. Many people might find the emails unwanted or inadequate, even if they signed up for your newsletter. This is why it’s important to know which of your shared content is gaining attention. You …

How To Edit PowerPoint Attachment in Google Slides

Sending documents as attachments is an easy way to communicate with peers and project partners. It often happens that one might send a presentation for approval, suggestions or a bit of final adjustments (depending upon who you are sending it to).

gUnify: Cloud Based Google Conference Call Solution For Your CRM

gUnify is a cloud based service by Google which offers a communication system that has been specifically designed and built for Google Apps. gUnify can be seen as a more affordable alternative to Microsoft Lync, as it requires no server setup and supports integration with many famous CRM services including Zooho, Salesforce and Apptivo. As …

Connect, Sync And Manage Contacts With Soocial

Soocial is a web service which helps users better organize their address book by collecting contacts from various sources including your mobile phone, computer and email accounts. This can help you resolve the problem of finding and integrating important contacts from your online accounts, email client and mobile phone by adding them in custom groups.