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Conference calling services are a more affordable way to conduct group meetings, training sessions, AGMs and other types of important collaboration events. Such services are not only cheaper to use as compared to conventional telephone services but also provide a wide range of useful features that mobile or landline phone companies do not offer. This includes the ability to share files and important stats, present PowerPoint presentations, video chat,  call stats for incoming and outgoing calls, social media information for callers and remote assistance options. Previously we brought you a compilation of the best apps for making free calls on iPhone, followed by a similar list of free call apps for Android. This time we have compiled a list of the best conference call services and apps, which offer a wide array of useful features.

Google Hangouts

Build for online collaboration and group chat, Google Hangouts is no doubt one of the best free conference call services. It requires no software to be installed on your device and therefore you can instantly begin a Google Hangout via your internet browser by inviting friends, co-workers and whoever you want to invite for a group chat. Google Hangouts supports both audio and voice chats, along with many advanced features which allow users to share files, add Google effects to their video feed, take snaps and even share their desktop.

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Google  Hangouts


Among the various web services that I have reviewed, UberConference is perhaps one of the most feature rich conference calling services. It has both free and paid packages and allows conducting conference calls via a browser, iOS or Android app. You can even see the social media profiles of participants and send invites to non UberConference members to join a conference via their browser. See more details from our Review of UberConference.



ReadyTalk is a conference call service which offers an affordable  solution for conducting conference calls within an enterprise environment. Unlike conventional services, ReadyTalk focuses on providing a service that can make it easier and cheaper for businesses to conduct anything from corporate conference calls to  webinars and presentations. For more details, refer to our Review of ReadyTalk.



CalliFlower is a another web service for corporate users which offers features similar to ReadyTalk. This conference calling service is ideal for conducting teleseminars, coaching sessions, business meetings and the like. You can find out more from our Review of CalliFlower.



If you don’t’ mind installing an app on your device, then Skype is another good option for conducting conference calls. Skype is generally recognized as a free service, however whether it remains free for you or costs you a little is entirely up to you. For example, you can optionally buy Skype credits to make calls to phone  numbers from around the globe or simply add people with their Skype or Microsoft I.D.s to chat with them. The free services offered by Skype range from voice and video chat, conference calls, file sharing and screen sharing options, as well as Facebook integration. Skype is quite a flexible application and can even be used on something as odd as your gaming console. If you are new to Skype, you can find more about its usage from our Posts about Skype.

Skype Group Video Calls


As a global event and conference management platform, InEvent‘s software is a Marketing Suite SaaS developed to help businesses and agencies in the events industry to organize interactive meetings, incentive travels, conferences, and exhibitions. InEvent can aggregate fundamental data to measure ROI, control suppliers, and manage a budget. In addition, it leverages digital marketing tools such as website creation, registration forms, guest lists, and email blasts. 

GoBeyond inEvent Virtual and Hybrid Events


If you are surprised to see TeamViewer in the list of the best conference call services, then either you have never used TeamViewer, or you are yet to discover its full potential. While TeamViewer was initially recognized merely as a remote support app, it has evolved into a more elaborate application with versions for all primary desktop and mobile operating systems. TeamViewer is the perfect communication tool for all kinds of users who are looking to conduct online conferences. This is because it offers features like video transmission, voice chat, video chat, teleconferencing, whiteboard, screen sharing, remote control, file sharing, screenshots and much more. For more details about TeamViewer, see our Posts about Team Viewer.



This is another good app that provides the option to conduct a 12 way video conference. Like Skype, you can even call phone numbers by buying ooVoo credits. The application is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For a complete overview of this app, see our Review of ooVoo.


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