How to Improve Stage Presence for Presentations or Speeches

At some point of time, everyone gets nervous and cares about what others think. When it comes to planning for Presentations or Speeches, Stage presence has a main role to play as it brings your performance up to an optimum level. Thus, it can be said that it can make or break your role.

A good Stage Presence is much like beauty and so if you want to grab the audience attention, you actually need to do something which is interesting to look at. Only then, you will be able to make a strong impression on the listeners.

Effective Ways to Improve Stage Presence

If you have a fear of speaking in public or hitting the stage for the first time, then here are some ways to Improve Stage Presence for Presentations or Speeches:

Eye Contact

No doubt, eye contact is a very personal connection and it can even make others uncomfortable if not used in a proper way. Therefore, it would be recommended to contact with your listeners by nursing that deep connection you can relate to by.

Never Apologize

When you are on stage and delivering a speech, you should not feel sorry even if you fall off the stage. Since, gestures and mannerisms do play a vital role and you just can’t ignore this fact. Thus, as a presenter you need to present something significant and this can be possible only when you have an ability to turn something silly into a spotlight.

The Moment

You will be able to fully  give of yourself only when you are focusing on each moment. The moment connection is lost between you and your audience; it will be quite difficult for you to get back on track. So, it’s best to live in that particular moment and do not even think about the next section of your performance.


Always make your goal to do best and never demands a faultless performance of yourself. As, it’s better to be nervous sometimes which will certainly enable you to make mistakes and win over the situation effectively. When you start sharing your talent and ideas, you are sure to succeed in a life.

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Certainly, the above mentioned points will help you to walk on stage with a  confidence on your face.  Not just this, you will be able to make your audience feel your energy as well.

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