Better Customer Relations Management With Salesforce (CRM)

Providing customers with top-notch support while keeping costs down is now easily possible with the help of cutting-edge technology that can enhance productivity, improve customer response time, assist online collaboration, and deliver an overview of a company’s performance. One such mechanism that has arguably been one of the most widely used means of achieving the aforementioned goals is the Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) portal. This means that you do not have to deal with old fashioned PowerPoint presentations as you can easily get an overview of the performance of employees by taking a glance at the available stats.

Salesforce (CRM)

Before we look at how Salesforce works, I would like to explain its functionality from a personal example. A few years back I had the chance to work on the CRM when my employer was given a contract to manage the data and customer queries of a window cleaning company. The Salesforce CRM contained a database of the agents working for the window cleaning company and tickets for the customer complaints. The CSRs at the company I worked for had the duty of doing two things:

  1. They used to receive incoming calls from agents to enter leads for cleaning windows and registering the lead against the appropriate agent I.D. (so that he/she can get paid for the lead).
  2. Receiving customer complaints and creating, editing or modifying tickets.

The entire activity could be monitored by the project manager by seeing which CSR (Customer Services Representative) had entertained the most queries (from agents and clients). At the same time, the window cleaning company officials could view and manage other details such as (what amount of cash to pay to which agent).


To use the Salesforce CRM you can buy a package or use a 30-day trial to test drive it. You can also see a Demo before proceeding with your purchase.

salesforce powerpoint

You will be sent an email to confirm your subscription after which you can start working on your account.

sales force

Salesforce has numerous business models that can be used by small, medium, and large corporations to benefit from their CRM structure. To see what package may help your business, visit the Salesforce website (link given below).

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