Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template for Excel 2013

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of keeping track of your employee’s work hours and ensuring that they get adequate compensation for the amount of work they clock in. Many business organizations invest on timekeeping and payroll software to track manpower hours and accurately reflect it on their pay slips. However, if you are a small or a startup business, spending on these expensive software is very unnecessary. A company with just a few employees could save a lot utilizing many timesheet templates available on the web today.

Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet for Small and Start-Up Businesses

One such template is Microsoft Office’s Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template for Excel. This professionally designed Excel 2013 template allows you to keep track of your employees’ regular work hours, overtime, and sick and vacation leaves so you will know how much each employee’s total pay will be on their payday.

Simple and Easy to Use

This Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template for Excel is simple, easy and very user-friendly. You or your employees can log in their time without much difficulty. The layout is clear and you can easily see the data as reflected in the various columns as Regular Hours, Overtime Hours, Sick, Vacation, and Total Hours.

Timesheet Contains Built-in Formula and Features

The data you input in the cells is automatically calculated by the formula that came with the template so you or your employees don’t have to compute. This also helps minimize computation errors or other discrepancies since the formula for each timesheet is the same across all your employees throughout their pay periods.

Printer-Friendly and Customizable

This Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template for Excel is also easily customizable for your organization. You can change the spreadsheet’s colors, fonts, and other formatting elements to personalize it for your company or department. You can also add your company logo at the top of the spreadsheet, as well as easily edit your employee’s information on the space provided above the timesheet table.

Timesheet Template Can Be Used for Multiple Employees

Because of all these features of this Bi-weekly timesheet template, you can print it to keep as a record and to give copies to your employees. This Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template for Excel helps add a professional touch to your company as well as show transparent and accurate documentation for your employees during their Bi-weekly payday. Another plus of this Excel template is that you can also modify it if you are giving your employees’ payouts on a weekly basis.

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