Track Employee Time And Project Expenses Online With Office Timesheets

Office Timesheets is an online tool for tracking employee time and project expenses. Office Timesheets provides MS Project integration and you can even install it on a server to integrate Office Timesheets with your IT infrastructure. Alternatively, you can create an online account to keep track of employee reporting, sales, expenses and other important information. Hence, this web service can be used to accurately track project expenses and requires no complex end user configurations. Using Office Timesheets is as easy as MS PowerPoint or Excel and it even comes with a MS Office like Ribbon UI.

Office Timesheets the web timesheet software

Integrate Office Timesheets With Your IT Infrastructure

To start using office Timesheets you can either download the trial version or create an online account to test out the service. For a demonstration of this service we will show you how to use the online version of Office Timesheets.

Office Time Sheets Trial Version

When signing up you will require providing basic information about your organization and will be provided with login credentials after filling out the sign up form. The given credentials will be for an administrator account, as well as user accounts with less privileges. During the configuration of your account you will also be provided with a link to download the Quick  Start Guide, which can be quite helpful in understanding the major functions of Office Timesheets.

Login Credentials

Once you have acquired the URL for your login page and the login credentials, you can proceed with using your account as an administrator, manager or common user, (as you will be provided with three types of login credentials).

Login to Office Timesheets

Assign Tasks, Track Expenses And Attendance Online

As you can see from the below screenshot, the user interface of Office Timesheets resembles an Excel sheet and all major options are listed in a Ribbon UI for keeping track of your projects, assigning tasks, as well as project costing, client billing, attendance, expense tracking in various currencies and more.

Office Timesheets UI

To assign a task, simply click Add Tasks and specify the required information such as the employees username, date, budget, cost, etc.

Assign Project

MS Project Integration With Office Timesheets

Office Timesheets comes with two-way integration with MS Project and allows users to import tasks directly from a MS Project file,this makes it possible to  use Office Timesheets for time tracking, expense and analysis and Microsoft Project for planning your projects and schedules.


The server version of Office Timesheets costs $99.95 per user, whereas the online version costs $9.95 per user per month. You can test out the server or online version on a 30-day trial basis.

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