Time Tracking

Download free Time Tracking software tools and PowerPoint templates with time tracking themed backgrounds that you can use to prepare presentations on planning and task management.

Best Time Tracking And Invoicing Tools in 2016

Time tracking and invoicing tools might be needed by freelancers, small business owners and contractual employees to log and invoice time for their services. Some web portals which bring freelancers and contractors together often provide such tools, however, as more and more people are switching to freelance or temporary work, the need for individual solutions …

Set Timer For 15 Minutes Presentation

Timers are very helpful for presenters. A timer can be useful not only for rehearsing a presentation but also during the presentation session. There are some presentations that need to adhere strictly to the time and often the time limit is somewhere around 15-20 minutes. Having a stopwatch or timer can be crucial on these occasions. Timers can help to …

All You Need To Know About QuickBooks Online Accounting Software

Intuit QuickBooks is a famous accounting software used by small, medium size and even large organizations around the world. QuickBooks has famous desktop apps for Windows and Mac, but perhaps their most exclusive application is the one that works from the cloud; i.e. QuickBooks Online (www.quickbooksonline.com). In what is to follow, we will provide you …

WorkTime: Employee Time Tracking & Monitoring App With Reports

If you are looking for productivity tools for your organization, to keep your freelance work going in a flow or for home use, Nestersoft has a number of handy tools, ranging from time trackers to reminder, clock, countdown, stopwatch, sticky note and eBay auction tracking utilities.

Track Employee Hours With Desktop Time Card Template For Access

Professionally Designed for Manpower Tracking

For companies that employ a number of people for certain tasks, it is important that employee tracking and payroll systems are in place to ensure smooth and productive operations. These systems are also necessary so employees’ work hours are maximized.

Free Employee Time Sheet Template For Excel 2013

Free and Convenient to Use Employee Time Sheet

For a business owner who employs multiple employees, keeping track of employees’ schedule for performance, record-keeping and payroll purposes may be a challenge. Some companies spend big amounts of money on timekeeping software that basically just allows you to record your employees’ time sheet, when in fact you can just do the same tasks–for free. 

Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template for Excel 2013

Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet for Small and Start-Up Businesses

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of keeping track of your employee’s work hours and ensuring that they get adequate compensation for the amount of work they clock in. Many business organizations invest on timekeeping and payroll software to track manpower hours and accurately reflect it on their pay slips. However, …

Track Employee Time And Project Expenses Online With Office Timesheets

Office Timesheets is an online tool for tracking employee time and project expenses. Office Timesheets provides MS Project integration and you can even install it on a server to integrate Office Timesheets with your IT infrastructure. Alternatively, you can create an online account to keep track of employee reporting, sales, expenses and other important information. …

TimeTrex: Fully Manage Employee Attendance, Payroll And Labour Costs

TimeTrex is a web service that makes it possible to manage elaborate employee time tracking tasks. It provides employee scheduling modules with flexible options that allow minimizing data entry and eliminates the need for manual entries. With Time Trex you can efficiently track the attendance for your employees, including overtime, vacations, etc. This can help …