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For a very long time, we’ve relied on Microsoft Excel to make better sense of data, organize and sort them, as well as make calculations. We also use Excel to visualize otherwise complex information, create reports, solve problems, and generate valuable insight. SEO Gadget for Excel can help streamline your SEO related data management tasks.

Opening Day Balance Sheet For Excel


Companies have opening day balance sheets to keep track of various aspects of their finances such as assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity. It is called a balance sheet because your assets must be equal to your liabilities and owner’s equity, maintaining balance. This can be tricky when you don’t have much of an accounting background, …

Annual Financial Report Template For Excel Online

Professionally Designed Template for Financial Reports

Financial reports are important in any business, big or small. Financial reports are essential to the company internally because it tells managers and high-level decision makers how well the company is doing in terms of liquidity and financial performance. Externally, financial reports provide a way for investors and creditors to evaluate the financial worth of …

Free Meeting Agenda Template For Excel

Create a Detailed Meeting Agenda in a Snap

A well-conducted meeting that produces results happen because of proper planning and scheduling. A good meeting should have an agenda in mind and discussions within that meeting should revolve around the agenda to prevent excessively long meetings that go around in circles or lose their point. The Free Meeting Agenda Template for Excel is a …

Free Personal Monthly Budget Template For Excel

Template Auto-Computes Totals for You

When you are not smart about your eating habits, sooner or later, you’re going to be sick. The same thing applies when you are not smart about your spending. You are going to be financially unwell–uncontrollable debt, foreclosure, eviction, bad credit, bankruptcy, and the list goes on and on. Having a personal budget is like …

Free Residential Purchase Agreement Template For Word

Sale Contract for Residential Property

If goods require a Purchase Order, real estate, on the other hand, requires a Purchase Agreement. A Purchase Agreement for residential real estate property is a legal contract that obligates a buyer to buy and a seller to sell real estate property. It is a way for both parties to finalize their interests before closing …

Free Event Planning Tracker Template For Excel

Covers All Phases of Event Planning

For any event, big or small, to be successful, careful and thorough planning is essential. You have to pool all the necessary manpower and resources and direct them according to your plan. Good event planning consists of progressive phases and detailed costing. The Free Event Planning Tracker Template for Excel helps you create a smooth, …

Home Maintenance Template For Excel 2013

Track and Manage Maintenance Tasks

Keeping track of cleaning and home maintenance can sometimes be a challenge. With the turning of the seasons, there are certain tasks that you need to prepare your home for summer, fall, winter or spring. The Home Maintenance Template for Excel 2013 can help you organize your home maintenance tasks and schedule it for quarterly …

Free Home Inventory Template For Excel 2013

Visually Appealing and Beautifully Designed Home Inventory Template

Having a home inventory is a valuable tool for keeping track of the things you own and what they are worth. A home inventory also helps you with insurance in case of loss or damages due to a break-in, fire or natural disaster. The Free Home Inventory Template for Excel 2013 is a wonderfully designed …

Free Balance Sheet Template For Excel 2013 With Ratios

Detailed Template with Auto-Compute Functions

Balance sheets give you a relatively quick glance at your personal or business financial condition. It shows you your assets and how it compares to your liabilities, as well as your net worth. Whether for business or personal use, a good balance sheet should be accurate and detailed for reliable data analysis so you can …