Time Schedule

Employee Schedule & Hourly Increment Template For Excel


Keeping track of your employees’ schedules is a vital part of ensuring work efficiency and smooth operations of the company. However, employee schedule tracking software can cost a lot and can add up big bucks in the long run. So to keep your costs low while still allowing you all the things that you need …

Student Assignment Planner Template For Excel


Being a student has its own share of challenges. Aside from keeping a good attendance, participating in class, having extracurricular activities, and getting homework done, you have to juggle everything effectively to ensure that you ace your class.

Weekly Task List Template For Excel Online


Juggling many things at the same time can be very difficult. Whether you are at home as a parent, in school as a student, or at work as an employee or business owner, it is important to be organized with your schedule and tasks so that you can be on top of your game in …

Daily Task List Template For Excel

Beautiful Yet Highly Functional Template for Your Daily Task

Planning ahead is always a good habit, whether you are at work, in school or at home. Knowing what your tasks are for the day will allow you to focus your energy on those tasks and not get sidetracked. Then afterwards, ticking off each finished item as you progress through your day gives you motivation …

How To Easily Create Class Schedules Using Excel

Standard Yet Versatile Template for College Schedule Tracking

College days contain one of the most fun, exciting and most memorable moments of a young adult’s life. However, it’s not all parties and spring break. There’s the projects, grades, research and papers that you have to worry about. You have to learn what you can, impress the professors, and be part of activities that …

How To Create Class Schedule By Subject Using PowerPoint

Plan Ahead and Keep Tabs on Your Schedule

When you are already working, there may be times when you wish you could go back to being a student again. However, a student’s life can be hectic too. There will be assignments, pop quizzes, projects, dealing with teachers and fellow students, as well as coping with the pressure of getting a good grade.

Free Employee Time Sheet Template For Excel 2013

Free and Convenient to Use Employee Time Sheet

For a business owner who employs multiple employees, keeping track of employees’ schedule for performance, record-keeping and payroll purposes may be a challenge. Some companies spend big amounts of money on timekeeping software that basically just allows you to record your employees’ time sheet, when in fact you can just do the same tasks–for free. 

Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template for Excel 2013

Free Bi-Weekly Timesheet for Small and Start-Up Businesses

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of keeping track of your employee’s work hours and ensuring that they get adequate compensation for the amount of work they clock in. Many business organizations invest on timekeeping and payroll software to track manpower hours and accurately reflect it on their pay slips. However, …

Daily Infant Schedule Template for Excel 2013


To sum it up, a baby pretty much needs only four things—foods, sleep, play and love. However, the complication starts in knowing what your baby requires when and how much of it. Balancing your baby’s needs with your own is also important. This is why many parents get into a routine or schedule with their …

GroupLoop Helps You Organize Your Messages, Calendar And Track RSVP Invites

Being a manager, secretary or handling coordination tasks have become quite complicated. There is barley a mechanism that can centralize your calendar, emails and discussions. Moreover, even the available options are not very centralized or convenient. If you are tired of sifting through emails and are looking for an easy organizer to help you streamline …