Free Eviction Template for Word

Evicting a tenant is one of the most unfortunate parts of being a landlord. Eviction is usually a time-consuming and sometimes costly process that starts with a Notice of Eviction. A Notice of Eviction or  Eviction Letter is a letter that notifies the tenant of the delinquency of rent payments. It also states the points on how to address the delinquency and the time-frame to do it. 

Free Notice of Eviction Template from Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office portal contains many useful letter templates for so many purposes. It also contains a eviction templates, such as the Free Eviction Template for Word, which is provided by Docstoc, one of Microsoft Office’s partners. This Word Template works best in Word 2007 version or later.

Eviction Notice Template for Making a Standard and Impartial Letter

Driving a person or family from their home is never easy. However, as a tenant, you need to make cash flowing. Writing an eviction notice is also not that easy. However, the sooner you write it, the sooner the problem can be addressed.

Clear and Concise Letter Containing Relevant Information for Evicted Tenant

The Free Eviction Template for Word is a convenient template that allows you to easily create an eviction notice. It lets you stay impartial while stating all the necessary information the tenant needs to address the delinquency. The standard format allows you to formally notify your tenants the need to evacuate the premises immediately unless they can pay their debt.

This Free Eviction Template for Word is also professionally written. It contains all the necessary information that tenants need to know about their eviction, including the date of eviction, and warning.

Professionally Written Eviction Notice for Landlords

As eviction processes are often tedious and difficult, a notice such as this is helpful in clearly defining the conditions of eviction and of retaining the right to stay in the property. This Eviction Template for Word makes it clear to the tenants that any property they owned and left in the premises upon eviction is considered abandoned. This notice also states the rights of the tenant, as well as of the landlord.

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