Free Lease Agreement Template For Word

Leasing an apartment can be nerve-wracking for both the landlord or property owner and the tenant. For the tenant, getting an apartment means a huge move not only in the life of that person or simply in terms of geography. There’s also the packing, moving of stuff and unpacking. For the landlord, there’s the worry of rent payments, of whether the new tenant is a good payer, and the consideration of keeping the property undamaged and protected from any liability

Professionally Written Apartment Lease Agreement Template

To ensure that the rights of both parties are protected, a contract is necessary. Such contract is called a Lease Agreement, which is the topic of this article. Microsoft Word’s Free Lease Agreement Template is a wonderful template for creating a legally binding contract and setting ground rules between the landlord and the tenant.

Clear and Specific Written Record

The Free Lease Agreement Template for Word is a clear and specific template that is suitable for making a binding contract. It clearly defines exactly how long the apartment rent is and how much the payment for rent has to be each month. It also includes a specific due date for rent payments.

Detailed Lease Agreement

This Free Lease Agreement Template for Word also clearly states major points such as Security Deposit, Number of Occupants, Repairs, Alterations, Pets and Animals, Waste, Waivers, Parking Space, and Option to Renew, among many others. This Free Lease Agreement Template is well-detailed and is a reliable source of reference in case of disputes or questions regarding the terms of living in the apartment.

Well-Written Agreement Benefits Both Parties

It is very important that contracts and agreements are well-written to avoid confusion and further disputes. A template such as this Free Lease Agreement Template for Word benefits both parties. This Lease Agreement Template is written to give security to the landlord as it clearly states the amount of revenue each month and the specific time it is to be expected. As for the tenant, this Free Lease Agreement Template provides a locked-in rent rate as well as a legal statement of the renter’s rights.

Complete Information to State Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Lessor and Tenant

This Free Lease Agreement Template for Word suitably covers everything that is needed to ensure a pleasant stay for the renter and less worry for the landlord.

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