Digital Nomad Tools For The Independent Lifestyle

The internet as we know it today has made it possible for people to live independently and travel the world as so-called Digital Nomads. A digital nomad is an individual who lives a location-independent lifestyle while using wireless, digital technologies and devices to sustain it. The growing number of digital nomads are those that are commonly working as freelancers–doing code, graphic design, or writing.

So if you want to, say, hop from one exotic island to the next and work or run your business from there, here are some apps and tools that you can use while you work and travel anywhere in the world as a Digital Nomad.

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Blog Publishing Tools

WordPress is by far the most useful and convenient content management tool that you can use for all your content–blogs, business websites, photo and artwork galleries, portfolio, mini sites, and more. It also provides beautiful, free themes that you can use if you don’t want to spend on web design. There are also other platforms like Blogger and that can be used for free content publishing.


Voice Chat and Communication Tools

Google Voice and Google Hangouts can provide you one universal phone number to route and forward to any phone. You can also use Skype among many other apps to communicate and place calls to anywhere in the world.

For group chats and conferences, you can use Tinychat, an online video chat community that allows you to create your own personalized group chat room. For more handy apps and services, see our collection of Best Conferencing Apps and Services.

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Online Collaboration Tools

Google Docs (Google Drive) and Google Calendar  are reliable tools for online collaboration, so you can share your calendar, word documents, worksheets, and forms to your team, allowing you to remotely make changes to the same documents. Collabtive is a free cloud-based project management app that helps you track time, create reports, manage files and project tasks, and keep an eye on milestones. You can also find a number of useful tools from our collection of Online Collaboration Tools.

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File Backup and File Sharing Tools

Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox allow you to store, backup and large amounts of data such as documents, videos and photos in the “cloud”, and retrieve them anywhere, using your device. There are also a plethora of other file sharing and file backup apps like ZIP Cloud, Copy and other services that you can use for backing up your important data and sharing it with others. You can see a detailed list of useful services from our reviews of Cloud Backup Services.


Services for Digital Transactions

As for sending and receiving money, which is an integral part of sustaining a digital nomad lifestyle, you can use a secure payment method such as PayPal that you can easily link with your bank. Other useful services include Skrill and Google Wallet.

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Office Templates

Of course, you can also use the free templates at FPPT to create PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, we also have Excel, Word, Access and other templates for reports, forms, database, and many other document types that can help you expand your business and connections. See our collection of Free Office Templates.



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