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How to Save Outlook Emails to Evernote


When it comes to taking all kinds of notes and ideas to be inspired or get things done, Evernote does the job. A long-time leader in note-taking and syncing apps, Evernote is one of those indispensable productivity-boosting apps for creatives and technical people alike. Here is a way you can save Outlook emails to Evernote …

Convert Any File To Any Desired Format Online With CloudConvert

Not too long ago it would have been too laborious to use a web based conversion service for converting your files. All that however has changed as file conversion has become much quicker with the advent of cloud service to cloud service file conversion. A primary example of this is CloudConvert. With support for more …

Skype Chat Now Available in & OneDrive

If you are an (Hotmail) or OneDrive user who wants to use Skype right from within your internet browser, you can integrate Skype with these Microsoft services. This also means that you can collaborate with Skype contacts real-time while working on your Office Online documents, such as PowerPoint presentation slides or MS Word files.

Best Tools To Manage Enterprise Based Data Sharing

Data sharing is an integral part of an organization. In an enterprise-based model, it becomes important that the data sharing occurs in a secure and seamless manner. Since data sharing plays, an important role in the functioning of the organization there is definitely a need of having a well-structured and efficient approach towards data sharing.

Top 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Cloud Services

The world is all about cloud storage and services and there is always a new storage service popping up every now and then. The best thing about cloud services is that they are available anywhere, anytime. All you need is an access point and all that you want is available to you in a jiffy.

Digital Nomad Tools For The Independent Lifestyle

The internet as we know it today has made it possible for people to live independently and travel the world as so-called Digital Nomads. A digital nomad is an individual who lives a location-independent lifestyle while using wireless, digital technologies and devices to sustain it. The growing number of digital nomads are those that are …

Get 15GB of Free Cloud Storage Space With Copy

It’s hard to break in to the cloud storage market unless you have something exceptional to offer. Pretty often it is not the startups that are able to make a huge impact in this business but rather some established company extending to the cloud storage arena. A while back Barracuda Networks launched its very own …

Provide Consultancy Services And Bill Clients For Calls With Saypage

Many online platforms are making it increasingly easy to help businesses integrate their services. Such services often cater for both individuals and businesses to cost effectively sell their services with the help of a comprehensive set of online tools. One such service is Saypage.

JustCloud: Unlimited Cloud Backup With Bank Grade Security

Chances are you have used at least one cloud storage service to backup your files online. It is also quite likely that the service you used was either Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive, Google Drive or Box. While these services offer the required features to fulfill basic backup needs, there are many question marks and strings that …