LiquidText: iPad Document Reader Which Makes Research Easy

Document readers and Office viewers for iPad are a dime a dozen at the app store. In fact, most apps don’t seem to have anything new to offer. Many people who read documents on their tablets often require researching on various topics. Students, for instance, read PDF research papers on tablets to find useful information …

Confidential Memo Word Template


Companies have trade secrets and other confidential information that they do not want to share with the public and with other companies, especially their competitors. They may also have classified data that other departments or certain employees do not need to know for one reason or another. Therefore, when you are communicating with another department …

How To Prevent Editing For A Microsoft Word Document

Sharing documents is an easy way to make sure that the information you want to convey is easily transferred to the individual that you want to share the information with. But, what if you don’t want that individual or anyone else to be able to edit the document you share?

GroupDocs Viewer: Online Document Viewer For Small Businesses

GroupDocs Viewer is a service which provides a cloud based online document viewer which supports a plethora of famous document formats. You can either use the cloud service by logging in with an account to upload and viewe documents from popular formats or buy a Cloud API to integrate it to your corporate setup.

Digital Nomad Tools For The Independent Lifestyle

The internet as we know it today has made it possible for people to live independently and travel the world as so-called Digital Nomads. A digital nomad is an individual who lives a location-independent lifestyle while using wireless, digital technologies and devices to sustain it. The growing number of digital nomads are those that are …

Free Receipt Template Design For Word

Handy Receipt Template Design

A receipt is not an unusual thing in any business. As a trading or financial entity, you may have received or issued receipts. A receipt is a written acknowledgment that something, like money or another thing of value, has been received. In other words, it is a written record on a purchase of a good …

Quickly Scan Documents With VuPoint Portable Scanner With WiFi

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology you can simply save images directly into your memory card and that too with just a mere wave of your hand. Now, you must be wondering how? Well, with the help of VuPoint Portable Scanner with WiFi PDSWF-ST44T-VP you can have the easiest and fastest mechanism to transfer archive …

How To Write A Policy Document For Sales And Marketing

A policy is a method of action that influences future decisions and can has a fundamental effect on any establishment. The rules govern the execution of processes and guides company’s employees towards the right work value system and conduct. No doubt, clear policies and procedures makes sure that the workforce working in a company is …

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