Online Collaboration

Download free tools to make presentations online and collaboration tools to engage your audience and co-workers.

Microsoft Loop: Think, Plan and Create Together


Microsoft’s ever expanding suite of Microsoft 365 apps continue to provide productivity tools to help enhance the way people work together. Microsoft Loop is one such app, which provides online collaboration options with the support of Copilot, Microsoft’s AI powered orchestration engine. What is Microsoft Loop? Microsoft Loop provides workspaces that can be used to …

Explain Everything: Interactive Whiteboard App with Voice Chat

Explain Everything Web App

Many presenters make use of explainer videos and try to reach out to their audience using whiteboards, Q&A sessions and by using feedback and polling tools. However, you can make your presentations, discussions, brainstorming sessions and class lectures interactive and geographically mobile by using Explain Everything. This web app provides a simple whiteboard interface with …

All About Using Real-Time Collaboration for a Word Document

Share Your Word Document for Collaboration

Also known as real-time collaboration, Word makes it now possible for users to co-edit a document remotely and at the same time. This is, of course, an answer to the growing inclination for apps, especially productivity apps, to become more collaborative. With Microsoft Word, multiple people can work together on a document. This allows people …