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Digital Nomad Tools For The Independent Lifestyle

The internet as we know it today has made it possible for people to live independently and travel the world as so-called Digital Nomads. A digital nomad is an individual who lives a location-independent lifestyle while using wireless, digital technologies and devices to sustain it. The growing number of digital nomads are those that are …

Free Business Brochure Template For Word 2013


The purpose of brochures may vary from business to business. Some use brochures to sell a product or to promote their services. Nevertheless, a good brochure is one that first grabs the attention of its audience. Second, it should inform about the product or service and convince people to try it out. 

How To Deliver A PowerPoint Presentation Using Microsoft Lync

For making your point and sharing important information, a professionally delivered and well designed presentation is a powerful tool. Many professionals have a dream of giving PowerPoint presentations from their home or office without being physically present or by remotely presenting to a wider audience on a global scale. If you have Office 365, you …

Lync 2010 Online and presentations with Lync Attendee

Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Attendee is a product introduced by Microsoft that is very helpful for online conferencing and online meetings involving participants who don’t have Microsoft products installed in their computers. Lync 2010 Attendee provides a variety of communication tools and services online that includes instant messaging, audio, online video, and other collaboration tools such …