Math Education PowerPoint Template With Pi

For many, if not most people, Math can be a daunting subject. Some love it, while some just hate it. However, when it comes to presentations relating to Math, the challenge comes not only in getting the attention of your audience but also in keeping them interested especially when you start talking about tangents, cosines, square roots, logarithms and calculus.

Make a Math-Themed Presentation More Exciting

The Math Education PowerPoint Template with Pi is one of the many education-themed templates that you can use to create a visually appealing and well-prepared PowerPoint presentation. This widescreen presentation template works best with PowerPoint 2013 yet still allows for backward compatibility for earlier versions. This template contains 11 uniformly designed slides to make any Math-related presentation interesting and engaging.

Math is Cool After All

This Math Education PowerPoint Template with Pi can be used by Math teachers, students and even tutors. Aside from that, this this template can also be used for business or in research, especially those involving computations and formula. The template contains the sign for “pi” and is prevalent throughout the slides. The “pi” is an important figure in Math. It is a mathematical constant and an irrational number. For centuries, famous mathematicians have tried to calculate the accuracy of “pi”. Simply put, it is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Be Creative Using Various Slide Layouts

Make Math Matter

The template’s layout contains clean, monochromatic lines, making it look sleek and easy on the eyes. The template starts with a Title Slide where you can type in the title of your presentation and any short description as a subtitle.

The succeeding slides follow the clean lines of the title slide. The layouts vary, allowing you to display your data in many interesting ways. The template comes with preset Charts, Graphs, SmartArt, and Tables for you to easily reflect your own data through visual representation. All you have to do is click on the placeholder you want to insert an object into and choose the file or object from your computer.

Easily Customize Slides for Your Own Content

You can download this and other free PowerPoint templates from the link given below.

Go to Download Math Education PowerPoint Template with Pi

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