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It’s hard to break in to the cloud storage market unless you have something exceptional to offer. Pretty often it is not the startups that are able to make a huge impact in this business but rather some established company extending to the cloud storage arena. A while back Barracuda Networks launched its very own cloud storage service known as Copy, which offers some interesting features.

A company already known for its IT based products, Barracuda has brought some major features to their cloud storage service, including cross-platform support, security features that are as good as (if not better then) competitor services and a user friendly interface for ‘Copy’ apps.

Barracuda Copy Cloud Storage

Store and Share Files Securely and Privately

Copy has pretty impressive security features as user content is verified before it is added to the storage, with the protection of AES 256-bit encryption and the option to share files privately. Furthermore, there is no limitation for the type of file you can share using Copy.

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15GB of Free Cloud Storage

When it comes to free storage space, Copy scores big time. With 15GB of free storage space and the option to earn 5GB by inviting friends, the service provides ample scope for acquiring your fair share of free storage space, which is arguably unmatched.

15GB of Free Cloud Storage

Available for All Major Platforms

Whether you are using a Windows or Mac computer, running Linux, have an Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) device or are using Windows Phone, Copy has an app for all these platforms. This is another aspect that Copy covers quite well, as you can avoid using your internet browser and quickly sync files via the Copy apps on desktop or mobile devices.

Copy Cloud Storage for iPhone

Copy also provides a wide range of customization options to manage your sharing preferences, bandwith (upload and download rate), notifications, etc.

Available for All Major Platforms

Copy Introductory Video

You can find out more about Copy from the introductory video given below.


Despite being new to the cloud storage business Barracuda has done a fine job by providing features that are satisfactory enough to attract both free users and the ones looking for cheap cloud storage. The availability across all major operating systems and a generous cloud storage policy definitely makes Copy a worth competitor against Dropbox and SkyDrive, as well as a viable alternative for people looking to shift their data from services like SugarSync, which is no longer free.

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