Animated Board Game PowerPoint Template

Board Game Display Template for PowerPoint comes with editable layouts and clipart images for making presentations with board game slides. This template acts as a PowerPoint toolkit for making board game slides with elements that can help you present famous board games and board game pieces within your slides.

Customizable Board Game Template for PowerPoint

This template is quite easy to customize and you can change the color and overall look of different elements within the sample slides by using PowerPoint features like the Drawing Tools. Furthermore, the opening slide comes with basic instructions to customize the slides by changing the color and default layouts.

board game display template for powerpoint

Board Game Clipart Images

This template offers a comprehensive set of board game clipart images which can be used across various slides to create custom board game themed slides. Of course, you can also include your own images, text and tweaks to make the slides look perfectly compatible with your thoughts and ideas.

board game clipart

Useful Animated Board Game Layouts

The template also offer various generic slide layouts which you might find useful for making board game related presentation slides. The below image for example, shows a sample slide which can be a good option for starting your presentation by making it the opening slide.

useful board game layouts

Similarly, the slide show below can be customized to create a custom game board with the help of clipart available within the sample slide, from other slides in this template, as well as your own images (if any). Moreover, as this is an animated template, your added content will play with the pre-rendered animations in the sample slides, making your content more attention grabbing and elegant.

board game slide layout

The Board Game Display Template for PowerPoint is available in both Standard and Widescreen format. You can download this template for the following:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Board Game Display Template for PowerPoint

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