Create Awesome Trello Gantt Charts with GoodGantt

Trello is a famous project management tool which since its inception in 2011 has surpassed a million users. Trello uses the Kanban approach for visualizing workflow, with boards, cards and lists making Trello easy to use for managing projects. GoodGantt is an extension for Trello which helps convert Trello boards into Gantt charts.

Turn Trello Boards into Gantt Charts

You can start using GoodGantt by installing the GoodGantt Chrome extension. With the help of this Trello Gantt chart extension you can add advanced Gantt charts to visualize workflow for your Trello boards.


Create Advanced Gantt Charts in Trello

In the Gantt view you can view and pick your Trello bards to be incorporated in your Gantt chart. Furthermore, you can connect time tracking tools, which display the tracked time as green bars. You can also customize columns in which your cards are to be moved.

GoodGantt Chart

GoodGantt provides both the Kanban and Gantt view to help you customize your workflow in a visual manner. The Default column automatically picks tasks that are created via the Gantt chart, whereas the In progress column tracks time for tasks. The Completed column lists tasks that have been completed. You can also group tasks, as well as build a hierarchy. GoodGantt also provides brief stats for time spent for each card, flexible milestone creation, hotkeys for quicker workflow and indicators to view changes in cards using the Gantt view. You can also evenly distribute the workload among team members using the Access Panel.

Trello Gantt Chart

GoodGantt Introductory Video

You can get an overview of the basic features of GoodGantt via the developer’s video below.

GoodGantt has a free version limited to one user and unlimited boards. There are also paid versions which extend the functionality of this Trello Gantt chart extension to allow connecting team members, time tracking integration, user availability panel, and statistics for user cards.

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