Create Awesome Trello Gantt Charts with GoodGantt

Trello Gantt Chart

Trello is a famous project management tool which since its inception in 2011 has surpassed a million users. Trello uses the Kanban approach for visualizing workflow, with boards, cards and lists making Trello easy to use for managing projects. GoodGantt is an extension for Trello which helps convert Trello boards into Gantt charts.

Deekit: Online Whiteboard App For Visual Conversations

Many a times when collaborating with friends and co-workers you might want to visually present some ideas. While there are a number of platforms which allow presenting online presentations and conference tools which can be used for this purpose; some of these options can be too expensive to use. Deekit is a free web app …

Realtime Board: Online Whiteboard For Collaboration, Prototyping & Presentations

While online whiteboards can be quite useful, usually apps are unable to make good use of the concept. We usually get whiteboard integration in desktop and web apps which is complementary to a product rather than something robust on its own. If you want to be no longer disappointed by whiteboard web apps then Realtime …

Visually Organize Evernote Notes With CardDesk

Ever wanted your Evernote notes to be easier to view and organize? CardDesk is a web service which helps you organize your Evernote notes on a corkboard like layout. You simply need to connect your Evernote account with CardDesk to begin syncing your notes which can be then dragged and dropped to a simple web …

Animated Office & Schoolwork PowerPoint Template

The Animated Office & Schoolwork PowerPoint Template depicts corkboard slide layouts with an animation of a jumping push pin. The slides present different corkboard slide designs with placeholders in fonts which seem more close to real-life text written using a ballpen or marker.

Share Ideas & Collaborate Online Using Boards With CorkBoard

Pinterest has been pretty common for making and sharing boards related to specific interests. Corkboard is a web service which works in a similar manner, which allows you to add images and text notes on a virtual board for online collaboration.

Best Kanban Software And Templates For Business

Kanban is a scheduling mechanism for controlling and formulating an effective production system. It is tied to the just-in-time delivery system for maintaining an effective stock of goods for sale.

Using Pinterest To Find Free PowerPoint Templates And Inspirational Ideas

Some analysts are predicting a decline in search engine traffic over the coming years. One of the major reasons for this appears to be the evolution of user habits regarding performing online searches. One aspect is that search engine searches are reducing due to searches via mobile apps, however, I believe that one of the …

How to Make a Moodboard in PowerPoint using this FREE PowerPoint Template

Graphic Designers normally use a moodboard that type of collage with images, text, and samples of objects in a composition of the choice of the mood board creator. You can use a moodboard to develop a design concept based on other ideas to be used as inspiration, or based on other members of the design …

Collaborate With Friends To Scribble Your Ideas Online With Scribboard

Scribboard is a web app for instantly collaborating with friends and co-workers online using a virtual white board. While many online collaboration services provide complex features to help end users bring together their ideas in a comprehensive way, somehow this is not what Scribboard is for! Unlike other web apps like Mindjet or GoDiagram, Scribboard …