Create Awesome Trello Gantt Charts with GoodGantt

Trello Gantt Chart

Trello is a famous project management tool which since its inception in 2011 has surpassed a million users. Trello uses the Kanban approach for visualizing workflow, with boards, cards and lists making Trello easy to use for managing projects. GoodGantt is an extension for Trello which helps convert Trello boards into Gantt charts.

Collaborate With Friends To Scribble Your Ideas Online With Scribboard

Scribboard is a web app for instantly collaborating with friends and co-workers online using a virtual white board. While many online collaboration services provide complex features to help end users bring together their ideas in a comprehensive way, somehow this is not what Scribboard is for! Unlike other web apps like Mindjet or GoDiagram, Scribboard …