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Create Awesome Trello Gantt Charts with GoodGantt

Trello Gantt Chart

Trello is a famous project management tool which since its inception in 2011 has surpassed a million users. Trello uses the Kanban approach for visualizing workflow, with boards, cards and lists making Trello easy to use for managing projects. GoodGantt is an extension for Trello which helps convert Trello boards into Gantt charts. Online Project Management Software

Project management has become more complicated over a period of time. Project managers can now collaborate with colleagues remotely, generate reports using various tools, as well as make use of mobile devices to keep track of everything. This unfortunately also means that keeping all your resources, reports, work progress and schedules running smoothly isn’t as easy as …

Assign Project Information As Project Tasks with AP4 Project Managers

AP4 Project Managers is a web service that enables managing projects and collaborating with users online. The biggest advantage of using AP4 is the simplicity that it provides for adding tasks and managing teams for better project management and online collaboration. AP4 can be particularly useful for people using crowdsourcing services, as such contractors and …