Circle Picture Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template

When it comes to any organization, there should always be a clear hierarchy. This allows all members to have defined roles and responsibilities so that there is no overlap of work and authority. Moreover, organizational charts are also important so that other members of the organization, and even outsiders, can be aware of the chain of command.


The Circle Picture Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template is the perfect organizational chart template that you can use for your company. Whatever industry you belong in, and whether your company is big or small, this template can be used and customized in many ways.

Versatile and Elegant Chart Template

This organizational chart template is also versatile, as it has a white background and basic shapes and lines that connect the roles or positions together in the hierarchy. This makes it easy for you to customize the template to suit your existing presentation or to bring out your brand identity.

The template already has a sample photo that you can use as your guide. It gives an idea of how great your very own organizational chart would look. There are also blank portions that you can easily use for your own organizational chart.


Easily Customize Your Chart

To insert your own photo, just click on the placeholder and choose the photos one by one from your own computer. You can then change the name and title by clicking on the text guides.

Furthermore, the template can be uploaded onto your OneDrive account for easy access. Even your completed organizational chart can be uploaded so you can easily access and update it anytime you need to. You can also easily share this with your team or colleagues.


You can even add this to your own existing presentation such as company profile or build your new presentation from this template.

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