Sheet Music Design PowerPoint Template

If you are a musician or an audiophile, a music teacher or a student, you may find yourself in need of making music-themed presentations. In cases like these, you would need to create a presentation theme that is eye-catching. The problem is, you may not have the visual creativity, expertise, or the time to make a theme from scratch.


The Sheet Music Design PowerPoint Template is just the right template that will save you the trouble and the frustration everytime you need to create a music-themed presentation. This sheet music design is perfect for any music-related topic, and can be used for business, school, organizational, or personal slideshows.

This music design template features a music sheet with notes as its background. There’s a subtle blurred and vignette effect on the image to also add depth to it. There’s also a conductor’s stick on the image. For easy readability, each of the slide starting from the title slide has a shape overlay with a white partial transparency. This ensures that your contents, from text to diagrams, are easily readable and your whole presentation will look cohesive.


The template gives you five premade slides that features title, list, graph, table, and chart layouts. All these give you an idea of how your very own presentation will look like once completed. But of course, you would need to add, rearrange, delete, or customize the slide layouts to suit your topic and presentation needs. The best thing about this template is that whatever you decide to include in your presentation, you can be sure that the whole package will always adhere to its music design theme as well as look well-organized and professional.


This template is great for anyone who is also always on the go because it can be easily uploaded to a OneDrive account. This way, it can be access even through mobile phones or other computers.

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