Animated Push Design Template For PowerPoint

Sometimes the best thing you can do as a presenter is not to opt for fancy slide designs but rather to look for something subtle and minimalist. At the same time you would want your content to stand out and be noticed; which might require adding a few transitions and animations. The Animated Push Design Template for PowerPoint provides a simple layout with subtle animations to help presenters create professional presentations with a touch of simplicity and elegance.

Animated and Static Layouts with Adjustable Colors

The Animated Push Design Template for PowerPoint is a mix of animated and static layouts with adjustable colors. There are helpful tooltips within slides which enable you to edit the basic slide elements. You can also reorder and readjust slides with ease.

Animated push design template for PowerPoint

Slide Open Text-Boxes to Present Content

There are various animated layouts including ones which reveal text which slides towards the right; as each part of the content is revealed step by step. These systematic layouts enable making bulleted lists and to present different aspects of a presentation gradually, as the presenter builds his/her case before the audience.

Slide open text-boxes

Abstract layouts with Push Animations

The layouts by and large are abstract with push animations which reveal text from different directions. There are a variety of push animation sequences which you can make use of for making your presentations. The major difference in animations is primarily related to the way in which the arrows slide open and from which direction.

Push animations for PowerPoint

Creative Layouts for Revealing Sub-Topics

The creativity of the layouts can enable you to reveal text and sub-topics using abstract animations, despite the fact that the major layout of this template uses a lot of whitespace. This means that you can use the minimalist outlook of this template to keep things simple and yet reveal your content in a manner that will make it novel enough for the audience to pay attention to the slides.

Creatively crafted layouts

This animated template works with not only older editions of PowerPoint (such as PowerPoint 2007) but also the very latest versions like PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2016.

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