Org Chart Templates

Learn how to design structure diagrams for PowerPoint to represent your organization structure as well as designing org chart PowerPoint presentations using Smart Art and other Shape templates for PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

Organizational Chart Title Slide For PowerPoint


Creating organizational charts from scratch can be a pain. Updating one as your company expands or changes its personnel can be tedious and time-consuming. Often, companies hire graphic designers and other professionals to create organizational charts for them. However, you can find this next template is all you need to create an organizational chart for your …

Free Animated Vertical Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template

Animated Vertical Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template provides an animated org chart which can be customized to reveal your organizational structure in the form of an animated slide. The sample organizational chart has been designed using SmartArt Graphics and therefore, it is easily editable.

Circle Picture Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template


When it comes to any organization, there should always be a clear hierarchy. This allows all members to have defined roles and responsibilities so that there is no overlap of work and authority. Moreover, organizational charts are also important so that other members of the organization, and even outsiders, can be aware of the chain …

Widescreen Organizational Chart Template For PowerPoint

Organizational Chart for School and Work

An organizational chart is important in every business or organization because it serves as a visual representation of how the company works. The organizational chart outlines the roles and responsibility of each person in the organization and how all their jobs relate to one another. If you are tasked with creating an organizational chart for your …

Free Hierarchy Org Chart Template For PowerPoint Presentations


Every company or organization needs a structure to be able to function effectively. The structure ensures that there are certain tasks and responsibilities assigned to each person and that there is no overlap of duties.

Create Professional looking Organizational Charts With Images Using OrgPlus

Creating professionally looking board room charts aren’t easy and many applications that offer making such charts can be either hard to use or might not provide a desirable output. OrgPlus is a desktop application that has been designed to automate the creation of organizational charts. With OrgPlus you can import data from an Excel sheet …

Make Org Charts for PowerPoint Presentations with InfoRapid KnowledgeMap

Did you hear about InfoRapid KnowledgeMap, a professional knowledge and project management software? It is amongst one of the most effective complete knowledge management system suitable for drawing knowledge maps, organizational charts, decision tree and breakdown structures used to take ideas while brainstorming or generating XML files from structure diagrams. Importantly, this software can be …