What is a Workstream and How can it Benefit Your Organization?


The old assembly line model divides tasks between people and organizational units, where everyone has a specialized task. Different units of the organization are so focused on their part of the job that eventually they might simply end up handing off their part of the product to the next group to assemble further. While specialization …

Circle Picture Organizational Chart PowerPoint Template


When it comes to any organization, there should always be a clear hierarchy. This allows all members to have defined roles and responsibilities so that there is no overlap of work and authority. Moreover, organizational charts are also important so that other members of the organization, and even outsiders, can be aware of the chain …

Free Hierarchy Org Chart Template For PowerPoint Presentations


Every company or organization needs a structure to be able to function effectively. The structure ensures that there are certain tasks and responsibilities assigned to each person and that there is no overlap of duties.

Book Review: Spice Up Your Speaking Presentations

In the last ten years, business PowerPoint Presentations have undergone a considerable change. So, when you are preparing for a presentation, you have to communicate with your audience in such a way that you can entice them to hear your message. If you have just begun to design a presentation then it would be recommended …

Using The DESTEP Analysis For Making Business Forecasts

Nowadays, with the help of a DESTEP analysis organizations may easily get the overview of its external environment. Each and every company is faced with some factors they cannot exercise influence on and the factors they can exert influence on. Thus, by Evaluating the DESTEP Analysis, one can easily get the clear information.

Centrally Save Company Data Online Using Novo Knowledge Management

Organizations can often suffer from process duplication and the absence of a mechanism to centrally aggregate data which might mean the inability of the staff to locate important documents with ease. This might mean that many PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files or other types of official documents may have to be repeatedly sent across …

5S Organization in PowerPoint Presentations

In a rapidly developing market scenario, overall productivity and optimizing efficiency is the main objective of all organizations. In present times, various companies are seen adopting popular methodologies to stay ahead of competitors and of them is 5S organization. It lays emphasis on encouraging employees to contribute towards company’s growth and nurturing greater calibration. The …

What is a DESTEP Analysis

DESTEP is basically a wide-ranged analysis of various macro factors that may be held responsible for invading upon an organization’s operations as well as business. DESTEP is an acronym term for Demographic, Economical, Social, Technological, Ecological and Political analysis. 1. Demographics Analysis Demographics represent human population in a statistical form. Business people need to take …