Best Presentation Makers For 2016

Last updated on May 7th, 2020

Presentations are no longer confined to PowerPoint as more and more people are looking to walk away from conventional modes of making presentations. This is perhaps the reason for more innovative PowerPoint templates by various template providers like the business presentation templates at SlideModel which deliver exceptional slide layouts and highly editable slide designs. Similarly, Microsoft itself has transitioned towards online presentation platforms, which has resulted in the evolution of PowerPoint to web apps in the form of PowerPoint Online and Office 365.

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While PowerPoint and Keynote are still the most widely used presentation platforms, it can’t hurt to look for other presentation makers. We have compiled a list of the Best Presentation Makers For 2016 to suggest some lesser known presentation platforms, including premium and free presentation makers, which have the same if not more punch than online PowerPoint maker services like PowerPoint Online and Google Slides or free PowerPoint maker templates.

Best Presentation Makers For 2016


The first among our presentation maker recommendations for 2016 is Canva. This amazing presentation tool gives an easy mechanism for making engaging presentations online with the power of an intuitive drag and drop interface with access to a plethora of templates and thousands of stock images. The good thing about the latter is that the stock image library is infinite, the catch is that many images aren’t free.

When you start using Canva you are given a number of layouts to work with such as; Social media, Presentation, A4, Poster and Blog Graphic design. The names of these designs should be enough to clarify their purpose. There are even layouts for making a ‘Facebook Cover’ image or a graphic for a ‘Facebook Post’.

Canva has a self-explanatory interface which doesn’t take much to get used to. Furthermore, the ability to retouch pictures using built-in image editing features can help you design some very eye-catching presentations. If you are not into buying stock images, you can always upload your own and also make use of the several elements provided for free at Canva. These include; Easter Eggs, Grids, Frames, Shapes, lines, Illustrations (more like free clipart), Icons, Charts and Free Photos.

Canva can be used via any browser or the iPad app for Canva. There is even a WordPress plugin which powers up your blog with features from the Canva web app, including access to stock images and the ability to create your own graphics.

You can get started with Canva by either signing up for an account or by logging in using a Facebook or Google account.

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Canva web app


Among good online presentation maker web apps, SlideBean is another diamond in the rough. It has an easy to use interface where you can get started with your presentation by picking a category such as; Startup, Business Manager, Marketing, Academic or Other. Depending upon your category, you can pick a template and begin making your presentation with the aid of images, charts, backgrounds, bullets, tables, videos and even code. As SlideBean is built using a combination of HTML5 and Java, you get the best of both worlds with a responsive UI and a feature rich presentation web app.

SlideBean has 3 main components, i.e. Content, Design and Present. Basically, you add your content, then design your slides. Once your presentation is ready, you can click ‘Present’ to start the presentation slideshow to present your slides. SlideBean also supports online collaboration and you can choose to keep your slide decks Public or Private.

You can get started with SlideBean by creating a free account or by using your Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter account to login. You can find out more about this web app from our review of Slidebean via the link given below.

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Visme is among the 3 tools offered by Easy Web Content Editor. Unlike their Site Builder and HTML Editor, Visme is a presentation web app which comes with the power of HTML5. With Visme you can create online presentations, infographics and other types of online content suitable for marketing, sales and other business purposes.

This online presentation maker gives categories for users to get started with their visual content, namely; Custom, presentation, Banner Ads, Infographics and Product Demo. Depending upon your requirement, you can get started by picking a category and adding your own images, videos, text, etc.

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Visme presentation maker


If you are looking for a free presentation maker with the option to broadcast your slides to an audience, then Slides is a good web app worth your time. While the free version gives just 250MB of cloud storage, it is still adequate for saving a number of your presentations. And in case you really like the service, you can always upgrade.

Slides is fairly easy to use, just add slides, stylize your text and background and insert any type of required content. You can add text, images, shapes, Iframe and code and once your presentation is complete, you can broadcast it Live to your audience by giving them a URL which they can follow on their mobile device to view your slides as you present them.

You can find out all about the Slides web app from our review which shows how to get started with using this awesome online presentation maker.

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Slides presentation maker


You might have seen video presentations and marketing content on YouTube for various brands. You might not know it but it is likely that at least one of those videos you saw sometime back was made using PowToon.

PowToon is not just a presentation app as you can use it for so much more. With PowToon you can actually create entire animations without knowing a single thing about graphic designing. To put it in a nutshell, PowToon gives you animated characters and a simple step by step wizard where you can add your text, videos, images and other related content to generate a video animation, marketing video, video presentation, video tutorial, sales demo, etc.

We have extensively covered PowToon in the past and you can learn all about how to use this awesome web app from our review of PowToon by referring to the link given below.

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PowToon video presentation maker


Focusky is a great app for making presentations in the form of animated videos. It is a platform where you can create business presentations and videos in the form of HD video animations. Focusky claims to be a PowerPoint alternative and offers 10GB free cloud space for free accounts.

The limitations in the free trial version include; a Focusky watermark, inability to publish content to a local computer, no support for HD videos and deprivation of some other perks like access to premium templates and royalty-free images. This said, the free version still offers search engine optimization features, support for custom templates, the ability to share content online, 50 uploads per month and of course, a mammoth 10GB cloud storage space. These features are enough to test out the app and to get a hang of the apps features.

Focusky has apps for Windows and Mac computers and you can try it out to see if it’s worth your money to upgrade.

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SoftMaker Office 2016

SoftMaker can be best described as an MS Office alternative. It has various built-in programs such as a Word processor, spreadsheet maker and a presentation maker. It supports MS Office, OpenOffice and PDF files, as well as provides a plethora of features to help you compose, edit and create your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

The presentation software in this suite can be used for making presentations, with the ability to open PowerPoint and PDF files. Furthermore, you can export your presentations as HTML web pages and send presentations via email. SoftMaker also supports file versioning to help users recover old versions of a file.

SoftMaker has apps for Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Mac, Linux and Android.

You can find out more about SoftMaker from the developer’s website.

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SoftMaker Office 2016

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