Best Animations For PowerPoint Presentations

A presenter’s best friend is a good template that can help him/her look good before the audience. The most likely scenario where a template may help you shine before the crowd is one that comes with some remarkable animations for PowerPoint. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some fine Animated PowerPoint Templates and HD Video Backgrounds that you can use in PowerPoint presentations. These video backgrounds and templates not only come with pre-rendered animations, but are extremely easy to customize.

Customizable Templates With Animations For PowerPoint

Before we move on to our list, it is worth mentioning here that you can customize any of the below mentioned templates and video backgrounds by downloading their PowerPoint version. Once downloaded, you can simply add your own text, clipart and images which will play out with the animated slides when you present them in Slide Show mode.

1. Global Network Animated PowerPoint Template

This is a template with animations of a globe, with network themed sample slides. This template is suitable for presentations about business networking, computer networking, cloud computing, social media, communications, etc.

Go to Global Network Animated PowerPoint Template

Global Network PowerPoint Template

2. Social Media Animated PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for something more directly linked to social media, then this template is just what you need. The sample slides in this template provide everything from icons of famous social media websites to various layouts that can help you quickly create an impressive presentation.

Go to Social Media PowerPoint Template

Social Media PowerPoint Template

3. Tree Root Growth Animated PowerPoint Template

This is a template which shows an animation of a growing tree with expanding roots. The template is highly customizable with a plethora of placeholders to help you label the tree and roots animation.

Go to Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template

Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template

4. Jet Airplane Animated PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a template for presentation topics related to travel, tourism, offshore business assets or business performance of regional branches, then this is just the template you need.

Go to Jet Airplane PowerPoint Template

Jet Airplane with Travel Map

5. Create Your Expressions Template With Animations For PowerPoint

This is an amazing animated presentation template which provides characters in different situations with speech bubbles. You can customize these animated scenes or create your own, with the help of the given clipart within this template.

Go to Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template

Animated Expression Slide

6. Connect The Dots Animated PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

Connect the Dots is a PowerPoint Template which shows a stick figure running from Point A to Point B. The template comes with different samples slides which can help you create presentations on diverse topics. The animation in this template is also available in video format.

Go to Connect The Dots PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

point_a_to_b_video animation

7. Animated 3D Cube PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

Whether you are looking for a nice animation for PowerPoint or a complete template laden with animations, you can download this customizable 3D Cube animation as a PowerPoint Template or a video file for use in presentations or other types of projects. For more details, see the link given below.

Go to Animated 3D Cube PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

Missing Piece PowerPoint Template

8. Business Paperwork PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

As the name suggests, this is an animation of falling paperwork which is available in PowerPoint and different video formats.

Go to Business Paperwork PowerPoint Template And Video Animation

Business Paperwork Falling Video Background

9. Animated Money Backgrounds For PowerPoint

This is a compilation of some very fine money themed presentation backgrounds that you can download in PowerPoint and other formats. Check out the animations and customization instructions from the link given below.

Go to Animated Money Backgrounds For PowerPoint

City Wasting Money

10. Animated Leadership PowerPoint Templates

This is a list of some leadership themed animated templates for PowerPoint. You can find an overview and download link for these templates from the link given below.

Go to Animated Leadership PowerPoint Templates

Best Leadership PowerPoint Templates For Presentations

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